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Machine Tools Division
Machine tools are the foundation of any machining facility. Not only does Machine Craft Co. understand the importance of choosing the right machine tool, we have the machining knowledge required to guide these important decisions.  The primary goal of the Machine Tool Division is to supply, refurbish and customize ...

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Heavy Machining Division

Heavy Machining involves machining large complex parts to exact specifications. Each job requires a significant level of expertise and attention to detail. 

A minor miscalculation could compromise a large machined part leading to substantial rework costs or in some cases ...

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Established with limited resources back in 1980,

Machine Craft Co. is the creation of Kim Jennison. 

Already experienced in the machining industry, Kim broke out,
and based on the cornerstones of quality and service, he created Machine Craft Co. With over 30 years now under his belt, Kim remains at the fore-front of this family-owned and operated business which has grown from its humble basement beginnings, to being recognized as one of the premier heavy machining companies
​in the North-East.



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Driven by ever changing customer demands, Machine Craft Co. subsequently expanded operations.  This expansion resulted in two major focal points – Heavy Machining and Machine Tools.  Machine Craft Company’s diverse knowledge of both heavy machining and machine tools complement each other and provide an invaluable edge throughout the industry.  By applying stringent personal standards, Machine Craft Co. is driven to meet or exceed the industry standards demanded of them. Among the numerous industries served: Power Generation, industrial, hydroelectric turbine, steam/gas turbine, industrial solar, industrial pumps and valves, navy drive systems, mold/die and large industrial machined components. 

From its facilities in Concord, NH, Machine Craft Co. is ideally located to ship and communicate around the globe. Expansive buildings provide the optimal workspace required for precision heavy machining, assembly and machine tool sales/service.

Diversification and willingness to adjust to customer demands has allowed Machine Craft Co. to prosper regardless of the ever-changing economic environment.   Understanding of customer demands and dedication to customer satisfaction has placed Machine Craft Co. at the top.  Whether you require precision heavy machined components or machine tools to perform these tasks in house, Machine Craft Co. is your leading source.